T2P 2020 Conference Topic:

Theory to Practice as a Cognitive, Educational and Social Challenge


1. Educational Theory and Practice
  • Pedagogical, Educational, and Teaching Theory 

  • Policies on Education, Orientation, and Structures of Education

  • Curriculum, Supportive and Teaching Materials

2. Science and Research

Collaborative and Holistic Approaches to:

  • Innovative Technologies and Propositions, Good Practices

  • Environment

  • Chemical Engineering and Technology

  • Natural Sciences  (Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Math, Geography)
  • Health
  • Agriculture

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Materials
  • Metallurgy
  • Law and Social Sciences ( Sociology, Anthropology, Archaeology, Politics, Philosophy, Interactive bioethics)
3.Social Practice and Development
  • Local Authority, Citizen’s Services, Participation

  • Business Management and Society

  • Entrepreneurship and Corporate Innovation

  • Small Business

  • Human Resource Management

  • Global and International Perspective

  • Tourism

  • Industry

  • Manufacturing

4.Information and Strategy
  • E-business

  • Benefits From Information Systems

  • Globalization and Information Systems

  • Small Medium Enterprise and Information Systems

  • Public Administration (policies and regulations)



  • Theoretical Approaches to Interdisciplinarity

  • Social Practice and Development