Best Paper Awards


The “Best Paper Awards” will be given to the studies which will be selected by the committee among the presented papers/posters presented in T2P Scientific Conference 2020 and applied for the award. The award committee will be recommended by the organizing committee and the nominees will be evaluated with a blind peer review system. The “Best Paper Awards” will be given for each discipline.

      • The Best Paper Award (Conditions: Being a participant in the conference, application with a CV)
      • Scholar Best Paper Award(Conditions: Being a participant in the conference, proof of scholar certificate, application with a CV)

The presentation of the studies is a must in order to apply for the awards. All interested participants may apply for the award by filling the “AWARD APPLICATION FORM” which will be sent by T2P Scientific Conference Organizing committee after the acceptance of their papers/posters. The Award Evaluation Committee may reward the selected conference papers with an “Honorable Mention Award” without an award application requirement. The Organizing and the Scientific Committee cannot be qualified for an award except for the “Honorable Mention Award”. Each of the winners will receive a conference plaque. In addition, there will be a 1000 Euro honorarium to be split among the winners.