Nowadays, the crossroad between theoretical and practical approaches is becoming very interested, mainly by exploring the options of how to combine and complement the theory and the practice, the general education, and the specialized training. In this context, the increase of the efforts regarding more cooperative, spherical and holistic approaches arises the demand for launching interdisciplinarity between many human, natural, social and technical fields.

The Theory to Practice as a cognitive, educational and social challenge conference (T2P) aims to find out whether the scientific and social reasons can lead to interdisciplinary approaches? Is cooperation between different academic areas achievable? What could pedagogues and engineers, bio-scientists and philosophers, agronomists, economists and mechanical engineers, natural scientists and writers -and so on- have in common?

T2P brings together a variety of experts from the region and beyond to present current research and cases which address the topic of theoretical and practical approaches, particularly as it is relevant to the challenges of the Western Balkan region and beyond. In particular, participants will:

  1. Explore interdisciplinarity as nowadays challenge, proposition, and practice in the field of scientific research, education, politics, and society
  2.  Networking with educational institutions who are active in interdisciplinary areas at the Western Balkans, EU and beyond
  3. Developing HEI regional capacity to lead academic events and activities using EU and another best world expertise

Having the considerations mentioned above as a starting point, the T2P consortium (under the Erasmus + Capacity Building Program) proceeds to the implementation of the 1st International Scientific Conference, hoping to highlight particular aspects of the issue and to become a forum for a fruitful scientific, educational and social dialogue for everyone who might be interested.

This conference will give visibility to successful sustainability initiatives and promote cooperation for sustainable education development in the region.

The T2P Conference 2020 Organizing Committee